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About us

About us

Who We Are

Hair Restoration Clinic Delaware uses a multi-therapeutic approach to treat many different types of hair loss. Established by our owner and founder, Trina Jones Vessels, in 2014, HRCD currently services clients throughout New Castle County Delaware and beyond. We also offer virtual appointments, which can include identifying the type of hair loss and creating protocols for treatment plans. Some of the services we provide include clients with alopecia areata, female and male pattern baldness, androgenic alopecia, scarring hair loss, chemotherapy hair loss, and many more. Our 30+ years of hair salon experience contribute to the wealth of knowledge used to identify and treat many types of alopecia. Treatment plans include 100%natural organic ingredients along with growth factors and collagen and peptides. We are here to service your hair loss needs.


We have been certified and trained with USTI one of the leaders in the Hair Loss industry.

We have had countless opportunities to consult and examine clients and make recommendation for treatment plans to meet their needs.

Call us today at 302-981-9095 or reach us at,   or or Trina Jones, The Hair Experience,

Why Choose Us

High Quality

We will provide you high quality hair restoration services.

Reasonable Price

We are providing our all quality services at very reasonable price.

Trusted by Clients

We are trusted by our clients due to our quality services

Safe & Secure

The process for all of our services is very safe and secure.


What Clients Say

I am very satisfied with the progress that I see with my hair growth so far.

R Wilson

I am very pleased with the outcome so far, I’m actually seeing hair return. Trina is professional and confident in what she does. I am very happy!

Niki R

I am super pleased. I am seeing my hair regrow where hair was not. Great Job HRCD!


I loved being at Trina’s. I enjoyed the professionalism, excellent service and interesting conversations it a haven for hair and eyebrows. My eyebrows grew in thicker as I was getting my therapy.. what a great surprise!


Enjoyed seeing new hair growth. Consultation provided good expertise and answered questions. Products are easy to use.


The treatment routine is convenient and easy to follow. Most of all its working very well for me. I actually saw improvement the first month.

E. Elize

I am pleased thus far with the progress and am looking forward to continuing

B Marshall

I am very satisfied with my progress thus far. I am excited for the progress yet to come.


I wasn’t sure at first I was getting positive results, but looking at my scalp with the scope showed me that things are happening. I have to be more diligent with my hair to get more results.

S. Simmons

Definitely seeing some results but was hoping it would be more. Willing to keep trying! I appreciate the accommodations with scheduling too! Thanks Trina


I am excited with the new growth and signs that the product is working- hoping to have less sebum next time.

H. B

And the very hairs on your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are more valuable to God than a whole flock of sparrows.


There is hope for your hair! It’s ok if you don’t know it or can’t see it. Just take a step. Just one! Get to The Hair Experience! Whether you walk in with all your hairs or not, each one is cared for and prayed over and beautified. Not only will your hair be enhanced but so will your spirit. The environment, the people, and the vision of Trina resurrected my hair hope! And as we walked through my transformation, she held my hand and encouraged me. She prayed for me. And I came out on the other side - beautiful. I am so grateful to God for Trina.

Samtra Devard
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