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Before-After SBS - D. HarrisR Wilson
I am very satisfied with the progress that I see with my hair growth so far.

Niki R
Five Star
I am very pleased with the outcome so far, I’m actually seeing hair return. Trina is professional and confident in what she does. I am very happy!

I am super pleased. I am seeing my hair regrow where hair was not.
Great Job HRCD!

10 on the scale
I loved being at Trina’s. I enjoyed the professionalism, excellent service and interesting conversations it a haven for hair and eyebrows. My eyebrows grew in thicker as I was getting my therapy.. what a great surprise!

8 on the scale
Enjoyed seeing new hair growth. Consultation provided good expertise and answered questions. Products are easy to use.

E. Elize
10 plus on the scale
The treatment routine is convenient and easy to follow. Most of all its working very well for me. I actually saw improvement the first month.

B Marshall
8 on the scale
I am pleased thus far with the progress and am looking forward to continuing

9 on the scale
I am very satisfied with my progress thus far. I am excited for the progress yet to come.

S. Simmons
I wasn’t sure at first I was getting positive results, but looking at my scalp with the scope showed me that things are happening. I have to be more diligent with my hair to get more results.

8 on the scale
Definitely seeing some results but was hoping it would be more. Willing to keep trying! I appreciate the accommodations with scheduling too! Thanks Trina

S Wilson
I am seeing major results in areas that there was one no hair growth at all. Very excited about his product and also seen my eyebrows grow in thicker.

H. B
9 on the scale
I am excited with the new growth and signs that the product is working- hoping to have less sebum next time.

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